Krugman: GOP wants to turn Medicare into Obamacare

In his latest column for the New York Times, celebrated economist and best-selling author Paul Krugman argues that Obamacare, while better than nothing, "is an immense kludge" which he defines as "a clumsy, ugly structure that more or less deals with a problem, but in an inefficient way." The irony? For all the GOP’s criticisms of Obamacare for being unwieldy and overcomplicated, the party’s proposed "reforms" to the comparatively streamlined Medicare would make the popular single-payer program, according to Krugman, more like Obamacare — not less.After crediting the insurance industry and a public unwilling to part with employer-provided insurance as the two main impediments to simply expanding Medicare to all Americans, Krugman writes that Obamacare was "probably all we could get" from today’s political system. "The thing is," Krugman continues, "such better-than-nothing-but-pretty-bad solutions have become the norm in American governance." He cites Steven Teles of Johns Hopkins, who in a recent essay called the U.S. a "kludgeocracy," and blames anti-government ideology for resulting in so many kludges.Continue Reading…

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